Guys and gals, we are literally living in the golden age for music creators and producers!

For all the negatives that came with the hyperproduction, it made producing great-sounding music available for virtually anyone.

As a result of that, gone are the days of “you get what you pay for”. For a relatively small amount of money you can buy equipment that produces higher quality sounds than professional studios 15 years ago. After all...


Hi-hats… if you’re making music that people groove to then you’re probably using hi-hats. And while they’re never the star they do play a really important supporting role. But, because they’re such a staple it’s easy to throw them in and forget about them. So in this article, we ... [READ MORE]

Producing Grooves

Drum, the little thumps and clips that make you nod your head and tap your feet. They’re the backbone of most modern music. But given that they’re so important, how do you go about laying down a groove? This article isn’t going to focus on the sound of your ... [READ MORE]

You’re a busy person. You don’t always have time to sit down and get a block of work done in the studio. Life, and all its complications, mean that the time you have is very precious. So how do you still get the time to make music?  Well, you ... [READ MORE]

Getting started… It’s often one of the hardest parts of making music. And it’s not limited to music. All forms of creativity rely on your going from nothing to something. When inspiration isn’t hitting you it’s too easy to say: “I’m not feeling inspired today.” and leave it at ... [READ MORE]

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