Our team has worked with The  Migos, Ariana Grande, Rich the Kid, T.I., Rick Ross, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Keed, Cardi B, Lil Yachty, City Girls, 42 Dugg, Raekwon, Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Depeche Mode, Lil Boosie, Akon, Young Dro and many more…

"Transform Your Home Studio Into A
High-Speed Hit-Factory with the
Million Dollar Hitmaker Bundle

Say Goodbye To Beat-Block FOREVER With All The
*Professionally Composed and Engineered*
Sounds and Inspiration You’ll Ever Need

If your music needs to bang, thump, get heads nodding and bodies grooving…

...we’ve got you covered!

For Beats in ANY and EVERY Genre.

From Trap and Hip Hop to EDM to Afrobeat to Reggaeton, RnB, NeoSoul, LoFi Pop, Future Bass, or invent your own genre!

Feel inspiration on overdrive like never before…you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with, and laugh about the old days of “beat block” and boring-a$$ sounds…

Experiment and develop your unique vibe with polished, proven sounds ready to chop, flip, and make your own.

Streamline your creative process to consistently get the right groove, and give it the finishing touch so you can sit back and know that it's DONE.

Finish beats and songs faster...no more tracks stuck at 50% sitting on your hard drive. You'll know where to take your tracks and you’ll have the tools to do it at your fingertips!

Publish or shop your beats to singers and rappers with total confidence that when they press ‘Play’ they’ll light up with the same excitement you feel when you’re creating!

Expand your musical arsenal with professionally composed construction kits with all the layers, loops, drums, MIDI, and sound effects you’ll ever need.

There is literally NOTHING else this comprehensive for producers whether aspiring or experienced veterans.

And best of all…


Other companies sell sample-packs that aren’t truly “royalty-free.” They put fine print into your purchase that says if your song goes big, then you have to pay them royalties.

Not here, not with us. These sounds are ALL YOURS, no matter how much you blow up (just be sure to send us your success story ;)

But before we tell you what’s inside the Million Dollar Hit Bundle,
hear what the pros say about our samples.

What industry pros Are Saying...


Platinum Recording Engineer
( Lil Yachty, Cardi B, Offset,
The Migos, City Girls, Famous Dex )

Producer Confidential is the single biggest superpower any producer can add to their arsenal. The samples are built to get you inspired and put you into a flow.

When you’re on the inside you need to learn the tricks and shortcuts to consistently deliver high-quality beats. Producer Confidential NAILS IT. There are a few big sample sites out there but they are focused on one-shots.

Producer Confidential specializes in ready-to-go melodies and harmonies to get you going and get your beats finished. They do it differently with their “Production Stacks.” It’s almost like a cheat code to break into the industry, because these are the types of samples producers signed with big-budget labels get provided on the low.

Cassius Clay

Hip Hop Superproducer
( French Montana, Lil Wayne,
Dipset, Rich The Kid )

What young producers don't get is that so much of producing is about the energy in the studio. The in-person vibe. You’ve got to be able to make something on the spot when everyone is in the groove and catch the vibe in the room.

Most rappers thrive on the energy in the room when you’re cooking up. It really inspires them. So you need to be someone who can create that on the spot and whip something up fast.
You need an arsenal of dope sounds ready, which is why I love the PC Production Stacks. I can open a folder at random when I’m in the studio with an artist and just start cooking up and capitalizing on the energy in the room.

These samples are built differently. There’s so much creative potential. The Production Stacks are more like film score compositions than your run-of -the-mill sample packs.

So What The Hell Are “Production Stacks”...
And Why Do They Give You Such An


Production Stacks are the absolute best way to develop your own unique sound by experimenting with prestige proven yet unique and creative sample designs.

These are NOT your typical sample loops.

Production Stacks are specifically structured to be chopped, rearranged, repitched, warped, manipulated and totally transformed into something unlike any human ear has ever heard before.

After years of designing and providing samples and ghost-producing for the top producers in the industry the team of engineers, musicians/composers…

We’ve discovered something that will level-up your production game, and totally change the way you make music.

As you probably know, the dreaded beatblock is the mortal enemy of us beatsmiths/makers.

And once you get it, it’s hard to get unstuck. So to avoid beat block you must do two things:

1. streamline your creative process so you simply avoid it.
2. Have all the sonic tools you need at every step of your creative process, specifically super inspirational sounds to get you started, and all the bits and pieces you need to FINISH FAST.


We, and all our producer clients, gave up the beat block struggle for good, and I’m going to show you how you can too…

By using pro-level sound-designed “Production Stacks” to keep you///By staying

in what psychologists called a “flow state”, where you’re having fun, lost in the moment… but also hyper-focused.

After years of ghost-producing and designing samples, the Producer Confidential Crew is unleashing our professional-grade samples samples to the public.

Check out what you can do with our patented Production Stacks…















If you’re not an industry insider you probably don’t know that all the big producers get custom samples designed, curated, and served for them to chop, flip and manipulate into their biggest beats.

So how do we know about this “sample design” service normally reserved for the elites of the industry?

Because we have been the ones providing the service behind closed doors, DESIGNING these samples for the pros.

Our team of professional musicians, composers, and sound engineers has been putting together sample packs for the biggest labels in the industry to secretly give to their top producers…
Our packs came to be known as “the Producer Confidential” which then turned into the name of our crew. ,

After a few years building our reputation and making connections on the inside, we realized that limiting our services to the small circle of industry elite doesn’t make sense any longer.

While there are a lot of pros there are way more people like you - home-based producers who are working their way up to the pros.

But it’s not open to everyone just yet. Right now, we are offering 80% off for a Test Group of the first 500 serious producers. We’re looking for producers ready to take action and Fast Forward Their Music Careers.



This Is Like “The Library of Alexandria” For Beat Makers!

Brendan morawski

Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer

 ( Ariana Grande, Lil Uzi Vert,
Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Depeche Mode)

As a mixing engineer, I often have to fix sounds on songs that are supposedly “finished.” So I reach for the Producer Confidential drums a lot. Their kicks and 808s are top-notch. They're super current and ready to drag into a project without any processing, and have helped me make the tracks I work on really pop.

If I was going to give producers out there a word of advice, don’t come to the studio with a beat that isn’t ready to be mastered because you’ll get a bad reputation.

And the best way to avoid that is to use Producer Confidential’s drums, they’ve been making these hits from scratch behind the scenes for years.


Hip Hop Superproducer
( Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, 42 Dugg, Lil Keed, T.I. )

I’ve used Producer Confidential’s material on a lot of my songs, like beats I've made for Gucci, 42 Dugg, A Boogie etc. A service like this is usually covered by a label for their top signed producers and costs hundreds or thousands. But Producer Confidential has managed to make it affordable.

The way they compose and structure their Stacks is incredible. You can tell they are producers themselves with a lot of experience because they give you exactly what you need as a creator. This is the kind of sample material I’ve always wanted, but no one really provided.

Plus their drums are literally the best. I don’t know who they’ve got making them, but they just hit right.

Bang Out Pro-Level Radio-Ready “Finished” Beats Ready For the Radio With All The Sounds And Inspiration You'll Ever Need, For An Absolutely INSANE Price of $67 Bucks

Here's What You Get

As I said, THE CORE of the Million Dollar Hitmaker Bundle are our Production Stacks, Editions 1-6.

( This is what we’re known for, inside the industry )

 If you’ve ever searched old vinyl records looking for diamonds in the rough our production packs are for you. But with the added benefit of being fully editable, and customizable.

Our team of producers delivers unique, creative compositions that are more like film scores than the loops available from other libraries.

 And the addition of the stems and midi gives you tons of creative material to both resample and manipulate. As you’ll soon see, our Signature Stacks will become your SECRET WEAPON as a producer…














Production Stacks Edition 1 - Cold Front

Do you make dark/emotional, hip-hop, and trap-style beats?

Then Cold Front is the pack for you!

Make beats like “MAFIA” by Travis Scott, or some of the darker tracks from Kanye’s new “Donda” album with the Cold Front Production Stacks.

The pack contains 16 unique and perfectly constructed Production Stacks that you can use, flip, resample, and get creative with. perfect for making organic, emotional, and dark hip-hop beats.

Production Stacks Edition 2 - Dark Watchers

Maybe you’re looking for sounds that will take you out of this world? Dark Watchers has everything you need for creating that retro-futuristic vibe.

Artists like The Weeknd, are leading the way in creating a new SCI-FI soundscape, smothered in synthy goodness.

The Dark Watchers pack contains 17 jam-packed Production Stacks, full of compositions dripping in those retro synth vibes.

You’ll be cranking out radio-ready tracks in no time.

Production Stacks Edition 3 - FORGED IN FIRe

With Forged In Fire, laid-back bangers have never been so easy to make. This pack has been inspired by the style of some of the biggest pop and RnB tracks of the last few years.

Tracks like Lany’s hit songs “ILYSB” and “13” or DJ Khalid’s “Young, Dumb, and Broke”.

Forged In Fire is full of soft synths, ambient chords, and spaced-out vibes to help producers like you achieve those lo-fi, chill-out, atmospheres.

You’ll be floating on a wave of downtempo goodness on autopilot.

Production Stacks Edition 4 - VERTIGO

Have you ever dreamed of making boom-bap style beats, but don’t have an MPC? Or even a record player? And don’t get us started on trying to clear those samples. Vertigo is the pack for you.

The Vertigo Edition pack contains 17 retro compositions spanning the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and is filled with retro goodness.

Whether you want to make music inspired by these earlier decades, or infused your latest RnB or trap beat with some 60s and 70s flare then this pack has got you covered.

Production Stacks Edition 5 - WAR gods

Life isn’t all sweetness and light, and neither is music. So when you want to get dark, really dark, then you need the War Gods Production Stacks.

Unleash your dark and aggressive hip-hop/trap with the War Gods melodies and progressions.

This stack is inspired by hard hitters like Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD”, Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” and Drake’s “Scorpion.” 

When you wanna make music that people can rage to, then pray to the War Gods.

Production Stacks Edition 6 - WITChES BREW

With vibes so heavy and sinister you’ll think you’re making a horror sound track, Witches Brew is the darker end of our Production Stacks.

Whether you make hip-hop, trap, EDM, or hard-style, these production stacks will get anyone turnt up.

That’s 186 professionally composed and engineered Production Stacks that will instantly raise your production game to a pro-level and have your audience nodding their heads and making the “stank face” when they play your beats.

But all of the above is just the “Production Stack CORE"…

You get much, much more!.


Do you ever finish a beat and then think:

It’s good, but…

 …there’s something missing.

If you do, you're not alone. Getting from a good beat to a great beat is one of the most frustrating stages of developing as a producer.

 But what if I told you you’re probably focusing on the wrong thins?

Weirdly the thing which takes a beat from good to great isn’t the music, it’s the sounds around the music.

“Ear Candy” is what the professionals call it.

These are the sounds that aren’t part of what you probably think of as the ‘beat’ but which help build and sustain the listeners’ excitement and interest, and set the mood.

This skill of playing with the listeners’ expectations using sound is something film sound designers do really well, and producers have been stealing from the world of cinema to help give their music that extra spice that takes the beat from good to great!

Simply inserting professional-grade Ear Candy at the right moments in your tracks can give them the polish they need to really stand out.

That’s why we brought cinematic sound designers onto our team, to create the Ear Candy that can take your beats to the next level.

47 Long atmospheres

These atmospheres are great for setting a mood. They can create a fantasy virtual world in which your song lives. Add them as a sound-bed to your track to help the listener feel like the music is from another world. 

8 Bass Atmospheres

Bass atmospheres are perfect for creating a dark, brooding mood, and work, especially in an intro or holding suspense while the other instruments are resting.

26 Brahms

Brahms are powerful intense brass-like stabs that give an epic feel to anything they are added to. Think about the horn stabs used in the film, Inception. Those are “Brahms” used to incredible effect. In fact, the trailer for Inception is based entirely around these Brahms hits because they have such a strong impact (and if you recall, that trailer was pretty intense).

20 Downshifters

Downshifters, or “downers,” are used for ending an intense section and bringing the energy down, or for creating a “rest” before starting the build-up to a drop.

When I first started producing I spent hours tweaking all my instruments, trying to improve my writing, and I was still missing the mark. The music just wasn’t having the emotional impact I knew it could have.

What I was missing was Ear Candy, to give the music the polish and energy I knew it could have.

Cinematic Soundscapes is gonna be your best tool for FINISHING beats and songs and making your beats the best they can be. 

20 Uplifters

Uplifters are great for telling the audience that something is about to happen, and for making your transitions more exciting. They have the subconscious effect of creating a sense of MOVEMENT and ANTICIPATION.

31 Impacts

Impacts can be strikes or thuds or bangs that, well...create an impact. They are great for layering on top of drums or creating a powerful, epic climax moment. 

35 Risers

Risers are most commonly used in build-ups to a drop. They bring the tension and anticipation up before the beat drops in. These build-ups set the audience up to go crazy when the beat drops. In fact, the secret to great drops is really the build-up, and you always need a great riser to build up the excitement.

CLOUD CHASERS Guitar Pack - 4 Volumes

Guitars will never go out of style, and with over 60 guitar compositions the CLOUD CHASERS Guitar Pack has all the guitars you’ll ever need.

Get the guitar sounds used by some of your favorite artists Drake, Khalid, Travis Scott, and many more for a sound that will never go out of style. 

Each of the 4 volumes contains 16 Loops

Drum Architect - 10 Volumes

Drums Architect is your secret weapon for Drums that work in ALL GENRES. These drums have been created by a real drummer and engineered by our specialist drum designer to cut through any mix. Never worry about the quality of your drums again with the Drum Architect one-shots.

Each Volume contains approximately: 

Each of the 10 volumes contains:

6 x 808s

6 x Snares 

6 x Percussions

6 x Claps

3 x Closed Hats

3 x Open Hats

3 x Crashes 

3 x Rides 

Drum Magic

Ever wonder why your favorite producers use so many kicks, snares, and claps in one track? IT'S BECAUSE THE PROs LAYER THEIR DRUMS. 

DrumMagic is full of deconstructed drum one-shots that you can fully manipulate the tone and feel of drums to make them unique to you.

Are your drums too weak? Add some drum body to it. Drums too thuddy? Add more attack! DrumMagic included a comprehensive guide with our in-house drum design master that breaks down how you can use DrumMagic to get that pro sound. And we’ve included ‘The God Kick’ - a kick sample that fixes kick problems in a wide variety of situations. 

DrumMagic has everything you need to make top-tier drums.

DrumMagic Top Loops (3 Volumes)

Top loops are a secret ingredient to getting bounce and groove into your track. We included hi-hat and percussion top loops that you can layer over your drums just barely audible, or heavy or with effects. You can add swing to them, nudge them to be early or late, or chop them up for crazy new patterns. This is like the seasoning on top of drums - a little goes a long way. 

Volume 1 - 8 loops

Volume 2 - 8 loops

Volume 3 - 9 loops

DrumMagic - By Genre Kits (5 Genres)

- Bass Drum Kit

- Dembow Drum Kit

- House Drum Kit

- Lofi Drum Kit

- Trap Drum Kit

DrumMagic 808s (5 Volumes per Type of 808, pitched to every note in the musical scale)

Lazy 808s - 5 Volumes 

Smooth 808s - 5 Volumes 

Saturated 808s - 5 Volumes 

DrumMagic Transient One-Shots

The transient is the first 1-3 milliseconds of a sound. It’s the snap or click that starts the sound wave and it’s crucial to get it right. Perfect transients are what separatres the pros from amateurs, but pros usually LAYER a transient on top of their drum sound to give it that extra punch to cut through the mix without cluttering it up. Add these transients to your drums to give them that subtle difference that makes them sound radio-ready right away. 

15 Clap Transients

5 Hi Hats Transients

25 Kicks Transients

24 Snares Transients


DrumMagic Construction Kit One Shots (Split into 4 categories)

Each pack contains the full version and the isolated “body” (snares and kicks), and the “crackle” for hi-hats. Separating them into these pieces gives you much more control over how your drums sound. You can even add “kick body” to a snare, to give it a deep thump, like for house and techno. 

Claps - 10

Hats - 10 open, 11 closed. We included the transients, crackle, and 3 rides, along with the full body versions of each. 

Kicks - 9 full, 9 kick bodies

Snares - 19 full, 9 bodies, and 6 “snare rings” so you can change how long they sustain, and truly customize them.

Drum Magic Ebook:

-How to start a beat

-Drums overview

-Treating your drums: kick, snare, hats, claps, percussion

-Drum Layering

-The Pocket: Groove, Swing, and Nudging

-Secret Weapons

-Testing Your Drums

Pro Tips

Common Mistakes

Genre-specific Advice

Final Thoughts

Drum Tracks for Beatmaking Studies


Drum Study Recommendations

Before and after audio demos 

-Hear how to level-up drums in each genre. 

-Drum n Bass - 2 before and after examples and with percussion

-House - before and after examples and with percussion 

-Trap - before and after examples and with percussion

-Vinyl Drum Break - before and after

-Diagram of kick and snare+clap wave done correctly


FUEGO Cuban Tres Guitars - 10 Compositions

Latin sounds will never go out of style. There’s something about the way they make your, and other people’s, body move that’s so exciting. It’s why pretty much every famous artist ends up on reggaeton/dembow tracks. 

Our FUEGO Cuban Tres Guitars gives you 10 unique and organic guitar tracks. These tracks were recorded by our latin guitar specialist, using a super-rare traditional cuban “tres” guitar. A guitar that gives a unique rustic sound. It’s so fire you can practically feel that Caribbean heat.

GENESIS - Pure Analog Sound Kit

Analog came in during the 1960s and never really left.

Sure people love the convenience of digital, but it’s hard to beat that warm analogy goodness.

 But unless you've got a big budget and a lot of space for an analog rack then it’s difficult for most producers to produce.

That is unless you use our GENESIS Pure Analog Sound Kit, which is packed full of 808s, Basses, Kicks, FXs, Hats, and Snares that have been engineered using analog gear for that timeless “Analog Sound''.

16 808s

28 Bass

14 FXs

21 Hats

25 Kicks

9 Snares


BASS IS LIFE. You can have the coolest sounds and catchiest melodies, but if your bass is lame nobody is gonna be bumping to your music. 

And what’s the king of the bass? The 808!

The INDUSTRY SELECT 808s have been designed by engineers who  have worked with the biggest artists (A Boogie wit da Hoodie, T.I., Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, etc.)

These bass notes have been created on the original 808 machine and then mixed and mastered using our analog processing chain. 

Here’s what you’re getting just in this 808 pack! :  

1,200 808s Total

Each 808 is pitched and process for every key, so you never lose quality pitching the samples

Continuous updates – we update our 808s four times a year, and new 808s can be found in the member area. 

- Creative 808s (8 Volumes - Vol.1-7 has 36 each inside - Vol.8 has 48 inside)

- Lazy 808s (8 Volumes - Vol.1-7 has 36 each inside - Vol.8 has 48 inside)

- Pure 808s (8 Volumes - Vol.1-7 has 39 each inside - Vol.8 has 52 inside)

- 808s with Kicks (8 Volumes - Vol.1-7 has 39 each inside - Vol.8 has 52 inside)

- BONUS KICKS (5 inside)With INDUSTRY SELECT 808s you never need to worry if your bass is up to scratch ever again. 

KING COBRA Flute SoundKit - 3 Volumes

Add desert vibes to your tracks with the KING COBRA Flute Sound kits. It’s 3 volumes of organic flute sounds that you can flip to hypnotize your audience like a snake charmer. 

In “Montero” Lil Nas X uses the Phrygian mode to invoke the sounds of the desert, and these kinds of middle eastern sounds are becoming more and more popular in pop music. 

Each of the 3 volumes contains 14-15 original flute loops

OFF THE RECORD - Retro Production Stacks - 2 volumes

Sampling from film scores from the 60’s and 70’s used to be a staple of hip-hop production. And no one was more prolific at this than Kanye. He’s got 60’s and 70’s sounds all over his records. 

But the difference between more people and Kanye is that he has the cash to clear the copyright. 

OFF THE RECORDS is how we level the playing field. Get the sounds of those old-school film soundtracks without the hit to your wallet. 

The pack contains 46 Retro, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s sounding tracks that you can sample, flip, and give your music those retro vibes that we all know and love. 

Each volume contains a 23 Retro-sounding Cinematic Production Stacks


High frequencies really bring the spice to any track.

But these frequencies can be some of the most problematic and painful if you don’t get them right. Take that pain out of that by using our Top Loops like everything in this offering these top loops have been created by industry producers. 

These loops were then engineered by some of the top sound engineers to make sure that they’re bringing the flavor without overpowering everything else. 

The pack of Top loops, containing both hat and percussion loops, have been FORMULATED to work with any track, tempo and genre. So you can rely on them to give your track the high frequency energy it needs. 

Each of the 6 volumes contains:

Hat Loops - 5 each

Perc Loops - 5 each

PC DRUM FILLS - 2 Volumes

Drum fills are an often overlooked element of production. If you haven’t been a drummer it’s easy to make a drum loop and then just let it repeat. 

But drum fills are a way to stand out as a producer who really understands music. But even pro producers don’t always know how to make great fills. Take the pain out of trying to programme your own fills by using these fills tracked by a top session drummer. 

The 28 Drum Fills will add the life and detail that your track needs, and help your music stand out from producers who don’t understand the importance of fills. 

Each of the 2 volumes includes 14 Drum Fills


What do the top producers all have in common?

They all have  crazy percussion game, 

Sometimes it’s percussion that’s barely noticeable to the average listener, but everyone feels it in their body. 

The pros spend a lot of time dialing in the details percussion and other weird and random sounds to their tracks to give it the groove it needs. But doing that takes time and a lifetime of skill. 

The PC Percussion Loops are the cheat code for adding groove to any track. Just drag and drop them into your project to add instant energy without spending hours trying to figuring it out. This is your secret weapon to getting that groove in your music…THAT BOUNCE.

Proven Progressions MIDI Pack

What do you do when you’re not feeling inspired? 

Sometimes when you’re looking for inspiration you need to go to the basics, and this is the perfect tool for breaking through beat block.

The Proven Progressions MIDI Pack has 350+ midi files to give you instant inspiration for a new track.

Chord Progressions formulated by working musicians, from genres a wide variety of genres (EDM, Hiphop, Latin, Pop, RnB, Future Bass, Reggaeton Lofi, Neo-soul, Trap and more!) They’re the perfect starters when you’re looking for a new starter. Varying from Proven Progressions  to our Advanced Progression these chords are guarantee to take your music to the next level. They’re the hit maker’s secret weapon for churning out endless quality tracks.

Proven Progressions by Genre - Each Volume contains 7-8 Chord Progressions

- EDM vol 1

- EDM vol 2

- Hip Hop vol 1

- Hip Hop vol 2

- Latin vol 1

- Latin vol 2

- Pop vol 1

- Pop vol 2

- RnB vol 1

- RnB vol 2

ADVANCED PROGRESSIONS w/ Chord Sheet PDF in each Genre

- ADVANCED - Future Bass - 10 Chord Progressions

- ADVANCED - Lofi - 10 Chord Progressions

- ADVANCED - Neo Soul - 11 Chord Progressions

- ADVANCED - Trap - 10 Chord Progressions

SOUNDS OF TOMORROW Construction Kits and Production Stacks

Sounds Of Tomorrow is our future proofed Production Stack set. We know you’re a produce who wants to push the bounds of music making and staying on top of (and ahead of) the curve is really important for succeeding in the music industry. 

Sounds Of Tomorrow has all the latest and coolest sounds that will definitely keep you up-to-date. With 8 Genres (Afro, Bachata, Dembow, Pop, Reggaeton, RnB, Synthpop. Synthwave), 72 Production Stacks, and 20 Wildcard melodies. 

SOUNDS OF TOMORROW fills your arsenal with the latest sounds, vibes, and trends in the music industry, keeping your finger on the musical pulse. 

Afrobeat - 5 Construction Kits

Bachata - 5 Construction Kits

Dembow Vol.1 - 5 Construction Kits

Dembow Vol.2 - 5 Construction Kits

Pop Vol.1 - 5 Construction Kits

Pop vol.2 - 5 Construction Kits

Reggaeton - 5 Construction Kits

RnB - 5 Construction Kits

Synthwave Vol.1 - 5 Construction Kits

Synthwave Vol.2 - 5 Construction Kits

Wildcard Production Stacks - 17 Construction Kits

Wildcard Melodies - 20 Total


Analog synths are expensive, temperamental and take up a lot of space, but God do they sound good. To build up a solid selection of analog gear you need to spend a lot of dough buying and maintaining them. And some of the best sounds are really hard to find.

Take all the hassle analog and elevate your sound with our Impossible Synth Selection. This pack has over 500 ultra-exclusive, super rare samples in super high resolution. 

We sampled over a million dollars worth of rare, expensive, impossible to get analog hardware. Rare tube synths, Reel to Reel Tape Machines, every rackmount piece of hardware you can imagine, exotic synths, and an 8 foot high wall of analog modular equipment. 

You’ll get sounds from rare and expensive synths like the Motor Synth, the Code 8 ($10,000), the Metasonix Wretch Machine ($5,000), the Resonator Neuronium ($15,000) and much more. Make your productions stand out with this holy grail of analog goodness.


Sounds Of Tomorrow is our future proofed Production Stack set. We know you’re a produce who wants to push the bounds of music making and staying on top of (and ahead of) the curve is really important for succeeding in the music industry. 

Sounds Of Tomorrow has all the latest and coolest sounds that will definitely keep you up-to-date. With 8 Genres (Afro, Bachata, Dembow, Pop, Reggaeton, RnB, Synthpop. Synthwave), 72 Production Stacks, and 20 Wildcard melodies. 

SOUNDS OF TOMORROW fills your arsenal with the latest sounds, vibes, and trends in the music industry, keeping your finger on the musical pulse. 

Afrobeat - 5 Construction Kits

Bachata - 5 Construction Kits

Dembow Vol.1 - 5 Construction Kits

Dembow Vol.2 - 5 Construction Kits

Pop Vol.1 - 5 Construction Kits

Pop vol.2 - 5 Construction Kits

Reggaeton - 5 Construction Kits

RnB - 5 Construction Kits

Synthwave Vol.1 - 5 Construction Kits

Synthwave Vol.2 - 5 Construction Kits

Wildcard Production Stacks - 17 Construction Kits

Wildcard Melodies - 20 Total

UNDISPUTED Trap Production Stacks - 6 Volumes

Trap Production Stacks are written and engineered, to instantly inspire your next TRAP BANGER. 

Pair it with the TRAPEZOIDS Trap Drum Kit and you’ll be making people bounce in no time. “That Bounce” is baked into these melodies, even before you add any hats or snares. 

Each of the 6 volumes contains 7-8 Production Stacks

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